Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A very special date for me

Lets celebrate for the "little billy", my blog watcher XD
It is his 500 days birthday !!

aha~ kinda 无聊 nerh~
thinking of posting something on my blog, thn suddenly saw my little billy just reach his 500 days of life in my blog. so just make it a day for HIM ba !! hehe...

do u noe u can actually play wif him? XD

by just clicking on the background car or the cat...
a food will appear automatically to feed him

n sometimes a shit will appear too !! LMAO
there you go......so this will be his reaction after he ate the shit... he will speak something like "吃屎" at the same time too... haha, cute boy~
press n hold ur mouse cursor on him, so tat u can lift him up n torture him... wakaka XD
dont try this at home

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