Thursday, August 11, 2011


its time for me to blog something here, if not i will soon forget abt tis site... LMAO

so.... lets blog something on my latest trip to Ipoh...

A Great n Awesome trip !! haha... n my belly was in "full" state for 2 whole days there... OMG~ wat shud i say?
Thanks alot Pui Ling & Wen Yee for bringing us all around to eat n eat n eat......
A big satisfaction !! XD

photos talking time (cuz i am lazy =p) :
my 1st food at Ipoh started with this 红豆冰 ! nice leh~ 大大杯很满足! n also the yummy ipoh laksa (sry no photo for tat cuz i was too hungry tat time til i ate finish ady only realise: oh shit~i haven take picture of the laksa) LOL
wont forget too the salt steamed chicken n those 炸food serving together wif the laksa !!
Panda girls if u r reading tis, next time pls help us guys up k? 正所谓“有福同享" ma... i dun wanna end up wif an oily belly...
next station: Funny Mountain ?!!
it is actually a small shop selling soya milk n tao fu fa. n by tat time only i realise they call 豆浆水 as 豆精. 几特别一下……for me
i hav try out their tau fu fa. wat can i describe? i bet if a fly land on tat tau fu fa, it will twist its leg... XD 很滑很好吃~
wats next? Kellie's Castle~
well, i got the story of the background of tis castle from my fren, it was something like:
Once upon a time, there is a man. He wanted to build a castle for his beloved: Kellie. Thn dunno y, suddenly the female die, or dunno wat happened la. The building progress was stopped there. THE END.
thanks alot Miss Daphne for telling me the story! lol~ its like 听了等于没听... haha. next time i tell u bek a story abt the Malacca A'Famosa k? lol
our 1st group photo !
we were all wet by tat time cuz of the bad weather while we were trying to enter the castle, although we quite enjoyed running under the rain...perhaps

soon after our shower time, we went to eat 大细脚
wats tat u may ask... haha... 大脚means 猪脚小脚 is 鸡脚 !
Wow, i did learn some new phrase thru out tis Ipoh trip XD
n i am starting to miss the 大脚 ady... as a 猪肉爱好者,tat dish is ady in my "MUST EAT" list for my next visit to Ipoh =p
hmm.... we had a present exchange session at weiyee house at night !
i received a panda fan from wen yee. thanks lo. haha.
guess how much is tis mixed fruit ice kacang cost? it was just RM4.50 ONLY~ 好平咯~
材料丰富,颜色鲜艳,仲有我最喜爱的朱古力雪糕! 满足 XD

The 2nd day...
went to the biggest 茶楼 in ipoh for our dim sum breakfast session.
i miss their egg tart...
虾饺,always my favourite ! ^^so we did some exercise after our dim sum. Perak Cave, here we come!!
at last ended up just we 3 outsiders climbed up to the top of the cave... pui ling n wen yee, next time follow us up k? we were sesat dy Xp
highest view from the cave

later on we continue our Eating Journey like
旦旦面,炸香蕉,炸年糕,炸芋头,大块面 n my beloved 番薯弹 yum yum~
not to forget also 猪肠粉,运头浪 n 椰子冰 XD
i miss out those photos =(
another cave visit at ipoh. Kek Look Tong !!a 世外桃源 inside the cave? haha... kinda like the environment of this place =)n so our journey end wif 安记芽菜鸡~ another nice restaurant they hav there =)如果要我用个字来形容怡保……那就会是:

Ipoh, i will be back~ XD