Friday, December 31, 2010

its 2011

Happy New Year 2011 !!
i will back to my blog more often......perhaps =p

christmas eve

Went to Caribbean Cafe for Christmas count down.
SUDDEN 1st prize of lucky draw came to us XD
we SHOUT instantly when the worker announced my name out !
So so lucky as we just submitted the lucky draw form a few seconds right before they announced the winner for the first three prizes.
we keep on laughing non-stop after that~ ngek ngek...
oh sh*t !! laugh til stomach pain =p
an oven =)

lens mug

My lens mug arrived. The only disadvantage of purchasing items thru internet is we hav to wait for quite some time for the postage arrival of the item.
Love it =Dcovernikon lens mug for my fren.
bu cuo sia~

Jamie birthday

a birthday celebration for Jamie on 18th December at Taipei Walker.
Happy Birthday !!
My Theme for the day : Purple !! XD

December dinner

A great night dinner with colleagues @ a "forget wat name" restaurant in Bangsa Shopping Complex.
Drank some liquor n feel great :p
btw, the environment & service there were Good ! *thumb up
going to bring her to there someday =p
macam mamak naana big "taste-like abalone" mushroom
Happy birthday to Christine n Shawn(not in pict) too ! haha

Gary the Loh birthday

Its Lo lo lo lo Loh Wai Kean birthday~ hohoho...
a fren of mine since standard 1. yeah~nice to noe u...
i still rmb the time when u invite me(only) to u birthday party during the age of 7, n we played Power Ranger Robot while eating KFC. LMAO~
hope u had a great day~
everything begins here !
this photo was capture during Bernard's birthday. hoho. He love to play with the ball so much...

a yoga ball ?!hehe, so this was his birthday present for this year. ngek~
we noe u will loveeeeee this much XD
just do watever u like on tat ball. we no eye see. hoho...
again~ i wont forget ur face while eating Chicken drumsticks during primary school time XD
wai kean, can u change bek to tat cute look? ahaha~

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Motor Expo 2010

I am back to my blog !!
its been a long time since my last update. lol
finally get a free time to write something here.
so wat had i been doing in the past December?
let the photos talk thn... =)
Went to the Motor Expo with buddies, Mr Bernard Tung & Mr Wyneth Tay.
it was a sudden plan after our bskball tat morning.
i love spontaneous plan~ haha XDOMG !! found this pinky seat. gosh~ someone gonna like this very much =pThey were illustrating car model using comp. cool huh~The legendary Bumble Bee stood infront of us? like its glowing eyes...The real car, Chevrolet Bumble Bee ??!Heart this ! An awesome Single side car. haha. It IS a car !Oh ya, we met our primary school fren, Jing Yuen =)

Great day outing wif u guys. Tay, ur driving was awesome if add on our "man-made" turbo sound. LOL~

Friday, December 3, 2010

back to work

yes. 争取时间。
Its been a week+ i m bek to home from Malacca. Home sweet home.
yet, i still dun hav much time to really update my blog. ha~ non-stop yum cha session, parties, houseworks. ngek~
n my wallet is getting thinner n thinner now. OMFG ! its time to refill it.

so here m i back to DTSD working as a telemarketer.
felt relief when Christine(our boss assistant) msg me at the time when i was panic-ing searching for job. aha~ good timing XD
glad they r willing to hire me this 1month full time worker. woohoo~ can meet up with those lovely colleagues. unfortunately, ah cat n karen mama were not here anymore =( miss them.

its just a short mid term break for me. gonna back to Malacca on 1st or 2nd of January next year. wow~ no time to hang out since i will be working til 31st December, which is a Friday (too bad~), thn back to Malacca the next day X(

had been through many thgs. yet, wat most important for me now is to STUDY hard. yeap, focus more on my study 1st.

btw, my 1st sem final result is out ! not satisfy. got 4A 1B+ & 1C+. DAMN ! wats wrong going on wif tat C+ there? quite sad for tat... partially its from the lousy s*ck lecturer ! He really DOESNT KNOW how to teach. not only me 1person, but making our whole class 100+students hate him. lol. maybe the only international student in my class likes him ba, cuz he get 51 carry marks from the lecturer, while we all only get 20+ only. (the total is 50 marks, i wonder how he can get tat == )
but mainly its my own fault too. fail to master tat subject earlier.

A quote from my senior:
Its not that u cant understand tat subject, its u haven feel like to accept tat subject.
Agree wif no doubt! i was well prepared b4 going into the exam hall, but thn? panic while doing the paper. OMG~ i WONT repeat this mistake next time. A promise to myself!
3.52 CGPA. hmm...cant reach my target. score better on the next sem ba.

blogging in the office. teehee~ cant upload photos. will get back to this when i back home.
boring while working? nah~ i can still blogging, fb-ing here... shh~~ dun tell my boss XD

oh ya, anyone searching for job next year? interested to work as a telemarketer to take over my place next year. drop ur comments ya. X)

Friday, October 29, 2010

kl, wait for me~

was quite busy last few weeks...
rushing for assignments, mini projects, activities n so on...
its been a month+ i dint go bek to kl... miss my sweet home
So, wat hav i been doing nowadays? let the pictures do the talking thn...
lab work mini project: construct a Light Seeking Robot.
haha... did it in a simple way...
get into robot competition in between coursemates.
our robots were out into a dark box, n compete to see whose robot get out from the box fastest.
won in the 1st round, cuz the opponents' robot not moving at all. lol
but thn we got no time to continue the following rounds, because running out of time.
i call tis "Little Buggy" =ptriggering the LDR to let the robot moves moves moves~

another fun event: 超级V厨神烹饪比赛 !
held by 马六甲慈济会所...
its a vege food cooking competition...有点难度hor~
we were divided into 5persons per group.
did our preparation 1month before. thn went to Tesco 2gether on the day of competition to buy some ingredients. One and a half hour Supermarket shopping time !! XD
助手:顺祥,伟杰,明辉金瓜炒饭,又名:金金有味 !To 才 To 益 (Potato Salad)荣获:超级“V”食神皇族 ^^its fun to be in a group wif u guys ! Miss that period much !

time aint enough

time is running out~
going to face my final soon~
damn~preparation not done yet.
somebody kill me~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sukan Antara Fakulti

lucky to be as a representative for basketball match X)we are FKE warriors !!9 was my number for the day =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

超赞的舞台剧 !

UKM 躲猫猫 =p遇见中六同学。
入门票~ 像是要去游乐场玩耍酱~ XD

Friday, October 8, 2010

its moon fes !!

Loves Friday. yeap, its another resting weekend.
hav time to rest finally.

uni moon fes just over a week ago. tat was AWESOME !
i took part as a helper in biro activity.
my games: Ten Suns.
n it was successful ! haha. enjoy ourselve carrying lanturns inside complex sukan, shout, high~
nice performance by the performance group ! Good Job !

let the photos do the rest of the talking =)our product =)our game stall. put lots effort on its decoration
sunny faces =p后羿射太阳 !偶不是后羿啦~got our special big tanglung XD kekeglowing in the dark~ yea, its tanglung time. due to the bad weather, we were force to change our plan to carry tanglung indoor. however, still nice ^^中秋佳节提灯笼BEKM coursemates XDmy housemate+coursemate. knew him since the 1st day orientation, khang khang =)中秋节快乐 !