Friday, August 26, 2011

Super Mario In Action ~~

Teacher Mario has finally come to a rest...
i mean resting mentally. haha... Mario has been working since his 4months holiday started til now. Gosh!! He can hav a total break finally. Being a 4months day-care teacher aint an easy job btw. Although he can see lotsa cute n adorable kids everyday, but his brain will end up malfunctioning everyday when the clock strikes 7 !! seriously no kidding! The kids tortured him, not physically but mentally. LMAO !!

精神折磨开始 :
"老师,这个 leh?" 可以不要每一题都问吗?去想一下啦~你可以的!
"yer...老师,做么我不可以,他又可以 ?!" 因为她乖,你不乖咯。
"老师,XXX 在玩笔芯 。" XXX!你的功课是玩笔芯是吗?!
"老师,她倒水在地上 !"  aiyo~冇眼睇
"老师,XXX 没有在做功课~" 以一道锐利的眼神凝望去XXX身上
"老师,我可以不要做功课吗?"  酱等我来帮你做好吗?
"老师,快点啦!我要回家了!" 你last minute才把全部功课给我,要时间检查的 leh~
"yer...老师,XXX 在挖鼻孔。" wtf ?!


然而,Mario 老师还是活过来了!一点点小挫折,算得了什么~好像是酱 XD
for ur information n those who dunno, I am the Mario Teacher ! a nickname called by the students ever since i wore b4 a Mario tshirt to work . lol

sharing some photos of my working days there......
50+ students gathering here after their school lessons
Best Slowest Doing Homework Award goes to this girl !!
she is quite 乖 anyway, just tat her speed of doing hw hahan sometimes they had their birthday celebrations at the centreshe is 1 of my favourite students ! cute girl...
a photo of both of us, taken last year when i 1st went to work there . she was in standard 1 tat time, how adorable……action cam snap snap =p
Tittle : Ben Lew and his little spoon
want to share a joke i alwaz told the kids there:
“因为我每天都吃 Mushroom 咯, Mario 是吃蘑菇长大的嘛~” Xp

Bye my fellow students~ 有缘再见吧!
Mario will be back !!

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