Friday, August 26, 2011

Super Mario In Action ~~

Teacher Mario has finally come to a rest...
i mean resting mentally. haha... Mario has been working since his 4months holiday started til now. Gosh!! He can hav a total break finally. Being a 4months day-care teacher aint an easy job btw. Although he can see lotsa cute n adorable kids everyday, but his brain will end up malfunctioning everyday when the clock strikes 7 !! seriously no kidding! The kids tortured him, not physically but mentally. LMAO !!

精神折磨开始 :
"老师,这个 leh?" 可以不要每一题都问吗?去想一下啦~你可以的!
"yer...老师,做么我不可以,他又可以 ?!" 因为她乖,你不乖咯。
"老师,XXX 在玩笔芯 。" XXX!你的功课是玩笔芯是吗?!
"老师,她倒水在地上 !"  aiyo~冇眼睇
"老师,XXX 没有在做功课~" 以一道锐利的眼神凝望去XXX身上
"老师,我可以不要做功课吗?"  酱等我来帮你做好吗?
"老师,快点啦!我要回家了!" 你last minute才把全部功课给我,要时间检查的 leh~
"yer...老师,XXX 在挖鼻孔。" wtf ?!


然而,Mario 老师还是活过来了!一点点小挫折,算得了什么~好像是酱 XD
for ur information n those who dunno, I am the Mario Teacher ! a nickname called by the students ever since i wore b4 a Mario tshirt to work . lol

sharing some photos of my working days there......
50+ students gathering here after their school lessons
Best Slowest Doing Homework Award goes to this girl !!
she is quite 乖 anyway, just tat her speed of doing hw hahan sometimes they had their birthday celebrations at the centreshe is 1 of my favourite students ! cute girl...
a photo of both of us, taken last year when i 1st went to work there . she was in standard 1 tat time, how adorable……action cam snap snap =p
Tittle : Ben Lew and his little spoon
want to share a joke i alwaz told the kids there:
“因为我每天都吃 Mushroom 咯, Mario 是吃蘑菇长大的嘛~” Xp

Bye my fellow students~ 有缘再见吧!
Mario will be back !!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A very special date for me

Lets celebrate for the "little billy", my blog watcher XD
It is his 500 days birthday !!

aha~ kinda 无聊 nerh~
thinking of posting something on my blog, thn suddenly saw my little billy just reach his 500 days of life in my blog. so just make it a day for HIM ba !! hehe...

do u noe u can actually play wif him? XD

by just clicking on the background car or the cat...
a food will appear automatically to feed him

n sometimes a shit will appear too !! LMAO
there you this will be his reaction after he ate the shit... he will speak something like "吃屎" at the same time too... haha, cute boy~
press n hold ur mouse cursor on him, so tat u can lift him up n torture him... wakaka XD
dont try this at home

Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday weekend

Went to 2 birthday celebrations during the past weekends. Get to meet up with some frens whom i lost contact with for such a long time... n i did enjoy alot with them !!

Chong Siang Birthday Celebration @ BK 9, Bandar Kinrara
A very nice deco of Fast-Food Cake XDmeet up with some of my Form6 frens =) we played the Key-game for like an hour+ XD
wondering wats tat? ask me for the game next time when u meet me =p

Another celebration for Ming Jian aka the Taiwan Zai @ Padi House =D
A fren of mine since form 1. He is currently studying biochem at Taiwan, so we r like meeting up each other once half a year only. He IS really a fun guy XDwas playing wif his dslr shutter remote control =p

Hey guys~ i will be free from work after this coming week. Do call me out before i m leaving to Malacca !! Seriously, i lost my study feel ady !! so lets play to the MAX during my last 2weeks at KL XD

Once again, HAPPY B
IRTHDAY to Chong Siang & Ming Jian !! ^^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


some fast flash back on my recent activities during holidays...

MHS (Minggu Haluan Siswa) Diploma UTeM 2011/2012glad to be 1 of the facilitators of the event. A fun & happy experience !!
Unit Teknikal & Logistik !!
get to know an awesome malay girl -- Hidayah. She can speak chinese well =)meet my LDK group: Tweightthe only chinese fasi we have during the mhsbrought the juniors to Malacca town for a half day trip ! LOL~
here m i again taking pictures wif the fountain. LMAOi swear !! I DID NOT yawn during the whole mhs...... I SWEAR !! =p

Malacca Again
another visit to Malacca with my besties... Aha~y me againwent for some pool......号称史上最完美的组合:
油炸鬼花生汤 !!  XDCoconut Shake wif a vanilla ice-cream topping ^^I love baba nyonya laksa =)

A birthday celebration for a fren of mine at Seoul Garden, IOIHappy Birthday dude !!We are future Engineers !!sing k session at Yee Theng's house after our lunch... lost my voice after tat

Buffet @ 大城堡火锅城Tour guiding 2 of my frens around KL b4 they flying bek to East M'sia......~~crabby crabby crabby~~argh...... imma starving now...食肉兽必吃: 猪肉!!XDdid some crazy act in the LRT during our way heading back home from Time Square Xp

imma 韩国仔 XD saranghae~~

Sunday, August 14, 2011

i gotta feeling

oh yeah~ my blogging mood is back. aha~ just created a new layout for my blog. i like WHITE!! hehe. ok, lets blog on another trip of mine during tis holiday...Sepang Gold Coast !! a spontaneous half day trip wif KenBoon LiKuen Jamie & YeeTheng. We actually started our jouney at 6am sharp ! OMG i had not enuf sleep la wei... but who cares?! trip is more important ! Excitement + Happiness overcome my sleepy-ness... aha~ n so we moved on to the Sepang Gold Coast using gps. LOL. I seriously think tat GPS is one of the greatest invention in this world... (Y) it was just an hour car distance from sri petaling to sepang... quite near ma...say Hi to my frens =)Sepang Gold Coast here we are ! ^^cant wait to play at the seaside...
(its been a long looooong time since my last visit to a beach, neh~ 山芭!)阳光吗?XDmodels in action !! hehenice act Boon =)promoting my lomo ?! =pa Must Do thing at beach: Footprint !!not to forget jumping photos =Dwe actually jumped for like a thousand times to get a perfect shot Xpone of my favourite photo... good timinghell ya i like tis so so much !! guess which is me ^^er... i was actually wanna put tat smiley on my face shadow...but ended up i drew too big ady... FAIL~ hahaDon't think, just POSE !!sand bury my fren... haha... 辛苦晒啦 Boon~

we left the beach at around 12pm, cuz the weather was getting god damn HOT man... we were planning to search for FOOD during our way bek to Sri Petaling. but some how we cant find any famous food stalls & restaurant. so we just stop by a food court to eat. Sepang 罗面,ok ok 罢了咯……

as for our next round, we went to sp Fusion Heaven Cafe b4 going bek home masing-masing...Warm Hearts Chocolate & Ice Cream
a MUST TRY dessert if u pass by sri petaling. Hot melted chocolate inside the cake served wif a cold vanilla ice cream... 难以形容的美味 ^^tried out this bun too. forgot wat name ady. pai seh =p taste good as well...

i got sunburn after tat... n it took me 2 weeks to heal... omgwtftmd~