Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tiring day after basketball training....although i dint play well.

btw, just got my lab coat 2day ! finally~~~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A visit to UKM Moon Fest

had a great time visiting UKM Moon we are at UKM !! XDpan mee pan mee 我爱你~
tiger ROAR ~ !UTeM students stepped into UKM ^^wei keat, kent, billy n weng
排排坐~watching talent show

Saturday, September 18, 2010



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alamak !!

ter-twisted my waist tis morning...
done some shopping b4 going bek Malacca.
finally bought the external hard disk tat i wanted for so long. ^^
spotted a portable speaker. ops~ 就这样把它给败下来了 XD walking everyday will spoil my 帆布鞋 someday. lol
i will definitely need tis thick base shoes for my life traveling in between uni buildings =p


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teacher Mario !

some photos from the day-care centre.
i got another nicknames: Mario老师, Mushroom老师
lol. just because i wore a mario cartoon shirt b4 to work, n i told them i ate mushroom to grow?! haha XDits party time, kidscute little standard 1 kidsPei Ci, she is cute
Kerby, ur mouth is so big XDshh~we are pretty girls =pi m blind -_-kids usual pose. lolsame red color X)i love u all !!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to work

its a 2weeks holidays, n i m not going to let it pass by just like this.
i went back to the previous day-care centre to work as a part-time teacher =)
yea, spending my free time wif those hyperactive kids againpeace me~

Sunday, September 5, 2010


haha... reli abandoned my blog for such a long time since my uni started.
finally now i got the time to update it !
having a 2weeks holidays now ^^ bek to sweet home kl~ relax. rest~ XD
well, there r alot of thgs tat i wanted to talk abt. my new life in UTeM... meeting new frens... too many~
where shud i start 1st? hmm......

Am studying Mechatronic Engineering currently, something like robotic. started the lesson for around 2months ady. so far so good. studying basic thgs now. hope i can score in exam later XDtis is my faculty: FKEmy faculty building~ they here differentiate each faculty in several colour. mine is orange ~ =pthe lake view of my uni campusour bus waiting corner. there r bunch of red ants all around !! wtfbus driver of utem bus ! *encik, tolong turunkan saya kat petronas sana boleh? XDmy hostel corridor. *i can see the light of hope !! =pmy hostel room entrance~ take off ur shoes b4 enter pls =)shoes rack for our smelly shoes~~as a engineering students, electronic device sure wont run away~ its fun during lab work ! ^^
argh~ went Mahkota Parade, which is in the town, to do some SHOPPING after 1st test ! woohoo~
Nasi Goreng Kampung ! a malay stall just beside my hostel. the food r reli delicious n cheap ! *thumb up !!n now, I AM a Uni Student !
hav to change my lazy attitude ady ! yeap ! gonna study hard from now on ! (*which means i m gonna abandon my blog sometimes. LOL)
pai seh~

btw, my mum said i become thinner tis time i bek. == oh my gudness~ guess i will hav to eat more n more during these 2weeks~ bou fan =p