Friday, April 23, 2010

green green green part time job!!! XD

Went for a part time job for The Sun Newspaper Cover Ads...

alright... i was asked to go to Absolute Art Studio, which is located in Fraser Business Park, somewhere around Chan Sow Lin lrt do some make up n painting on face... lol~
well, reach tat park around 9.30am n search for the studio... it was suppose to b at Jln Metro Pudu 2, but i keep on searching at Jln Metro Pudu 1... DAMN ! malaysia road sign sucks... tat road sign was pasted wif alot pieces of advertisement stickers... WTF?! non of u guys responsible for it? macam ni simply conteng itu road sign memberikan masalah kepada i untuk cari tat place... =_="

found tat studio at 10.10am somethg like tat... thanks god... n the moment i stepped into the studio, WOW !! quite a number of pretty guys n gals were inside... okay, b calm tan ming hui... after got instructions, i was just standing there like the others, waiting to do some make up n painting on face... =D
they said tat they r going to do advertisement photoshooting...n v had to ACT as football fans... XD
alright, 2 groups formed which is the Green group n Red group... i was in green group since i was wearing green collar shirts... lol~ my favorite color ^^

a male hair styler n a female makeup artist were there ready for us... haha... feeling kinda weird cuz tis was my 1st time letting ppl style my hair n help me do make up... X)
okay, at 1st my look was like this... but after the producer(i think so) came n see... he said tats not enuf, add more paint on their face... @_@
oh no, these little paint is tightening my face ady, add some more on it?
我不要~~~ T_T (不由得你说不)
n at last it became this:

god damn it... ichy betul my face... X)
i kinda like the head band n my hair =)
this is how the studio looks like, everyone is gonna add more paint on their face...
*Wahahaha XD

(whos laughing? definitely not me =p)

after gao dim all those make up thgs, v head to the Velodrom, a bicycle riding stadium, n its like there had been a few centuries no ppl pay a visit there...the chairs there were all damn dirty X(

received instructions, arranged the position,
3 2 1 GO !!

wooo~~ sry er, v r still not in ready mood yet =p
ROAR !! Cheer for your team !! SHOUT !! HOORAY !! XD
oki, kinda fun actually... ^^ but v r just facing the camera acting only... haha
v shout, v cheer, v shake flag, v throw banana skin n cabbage??! lol~

oh my goodness... i sweat til the make up is melting... MALAYSIA is HOT !! (废话~)

finish the photo shooting session at around 2.10pm...
while i was cleaning my face in the toilet, boon told me they r distributing the wages now !!
alamak, i cuci sampai tengah-tengah saja... aiya, dun k la... go out take money 1st... XD
n i left my face half way washed: half face still got paint, n half face got light green stain on it after being washed not so clearly... i dun hav make up removal wif me !! L-O-L ~
half way giving out the wages, the PIC ask us to get out of the stadium cuz the our booking time had end...
APA?! i haven finish wash my face leh...
n so...........i go bek taking cab n LRT wif my half half green face... T_T

grrr.........ROAR ~!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mv walk walk...

tested my lomo for the 1st time... i wonder hows the effect when the photos come out... wait wait wait~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


ops, click to enlarge it if cant read =p

Monday, April 19, 2010




06)抽 Pall Mall 烟的人养了一只鸟。
07)黄房子主人抽 Dunhill 烟。
11)养马人住在抽 Dunhill 烟的人旁边。
12)抽 Blue Master 烟的人喝啤酒。
13)德国人抽 Prince 烟。


btw, i used abt 20mins to solve this... ok ok la~

lomo lomo

oh yes.. finally... my lomo camera had arrived... XDthis is how mine looks like... 3lens lomon this belongs to my sis... water proof wor...
Nice anyway, thinking to get 1 for myself (nah... TanMingHui u almost broke liao la)
alright alright, gonna save money now...
alright my "dear" sis who is at Sabah now... let u see more of ur lovely camera here...
but too bad u cant touch it... wahahaha XD
alright ! i will start to learn n play lomo... noob here... haha...

Another night activity... woohoo~

Dun mess up wif the title... night activity was just a bbq party... i noe u think senget~ =p

Had a bbq party night at chun wei hse ytd...
it was fun as alwaz !! XD

oh gosh can u guys imagine?! after a guy ate 10+ sausage, the feeling 是多么的"滯" !!
i m tat guy... >_<'' somemore had some chicken, fishball n fries~ yea, next time any leftover just let me sapu all finish... feeling like my stomach is a rubbish bin... LOL !!
EATING is a Heaven !!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Friday, April 9, 2010

adddicted to it...

this is a DAMN Nice game !!
haha...abit childish, perhaps... but still very nice to play...
pass its adventure mode for 4times ady... (heading for the 5th time =p)
OMG !! somebody pull me out of this pls...


Taiwan limited edition...
only can last for 15days...
1 word to describe it :

Sunday, April 4, 2010

spontaneous steamboat nite~

wat a nite... went out wif KZ, Vito, JJ, Kelly n our Kampar mui Jia Chyi... lol~
v just came out an idea to hav a steamboat nite 2gether after our afternoon sing k session at greenbox sungei wang...
call up OYMY, Yu Jia n Chien Ni to join us at the nite activity...
went Central to hav some shopping? for ingredients... lol~ those 2guys (vito n kz) reli dun hav the talent in buying groceries... too bad~
talking crap, being "pro" photographer the whole nite... haha... playing gadgets around...
pity kz's steamboat pot... fix it ba... XD

(stealing photo from oymy n kelly... pai seh, pinjam sekejap =p)
v actually added 6pieces of tom yam 鸡精块 into it... lol~our food...ops... i was eating...
i brought my sis to the party too...since she is alone at home...introducing our Kampar mui - Jia Chyi... haha...she is great in farming n taming... =p
(jc, pls stay calm if u read tis, i was just joking, lol~)photographer everywhere~ haha...i was just acting XD

Friday, April 2, 2010


giv me a break pls...

April Fool? nah~

Happy Birthday to Mr........(drum sounds)...... Aaron Tan Khei Jern !!
bithday on april fool? nope, his birthday is on 2nd of april...but v r celebrating early for him !!
seriously, now only i noe the exact date of ur birthday, after being 13year of friendship !!
sry la... so paiseh >_<
but u cant blame me, blame urself ba for alwaz being so mysterious abt ur birthday since standard one !! dai lou, all ur fault la... XDD haha...
well, he IS a Joker since the 1st day i noe him... LMAO... he alwaz bring happiness to everyone around... lol~
Aaron, u r "GREAT" !!

hmm, smart smart~yea yea, cut ur cake
from left: Wyneth Tay, Aaron Tan, me, Gary Loh and Bernard Tung(down)
extra photo of me n aaron when v r age12... =p