Wednesday, August 17, 2011


some fast flash back on my recent activities during holidays...

MHS (Minggu Haluan Siswa) Diploma UTeM 2011/2012glad to be 1 of the facilitators of the event. A fun & happy experience !!
Unit Teknikal & Logistik !!
get to know an awesome malay girl -- Hidayah. She can speak chinese well =)meet my LDK group: Tweightthe only chinese fasi we have during the mhsbrought the juniors to Malacca town for a half day trip ! LOL~
here m i again taking pictures wif the fountain. LMAOi swear !! I DID NOT yawn during the whole mhs...... I SWEAR !! =p

Malacca Again
another visit to Malacca with my besties... Aha~y me againwent for some pool......号称史上最完美的组合:
油炸鬼花生汤 !!  XDCoconut Shake wif a vanilla ice-cream topping ^^I love baba nyonya laksa =)

A birthday celebration for a fren of mine at Seoul Garden, IOIHappy Birthday dude !!We are future Engineers !!sing k session at Yee Theng's house after our lunch... lost my voice after tat

Buffet @ 大城堡火锅城Tour guiding 2 of my frens around KL b4 they flying bek to East M'sia......~~crabby crabby crabby~~argh...... imma starving now...食肉兽必吃: 猪肉!!XDdid some crazy act in the LRT during our way heading back home from Time Square Xp

imma 韩国仔 XD saranghae~~

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