Friday, October 8, 2010

its moon fes !!

Loves Friday. yeap, its another resting weekend.
hav time to rest finally.

uni moon fes just over a week ago. tat was AWESOME !
i took part as a helper in biro activity.
my games: Ten Suns.
n it was successful ! haha. enjoy ourselve carrying lanturns inside complex sukan, shout, high~
nice performance by the performance group ! Good Job !

let the photos do the rest of the talking =)our product =)our game stall. put lots effort on its decoration
sunny faces =p后羿射太阳 !偶不是后羿啦~got our special big tanglung XD kekeglowing in the dark~ yea, its tanglung time. due to the bad weather, we were force to change our plan to carry tanglung indoor. however, still nice ^^中秋佳节提灯笼BEKM coursemates XDmy housemate+coursemate. knew him since the 1st day orientation, khang khang =)中秋节快乐 !

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