Thursday, December 23, 2010

Motor Expo 2010

I am back to my blog !!
its been a long time since my last update. lol
finally get a free time to write something here.
so wat had i been doing in the past December?
let the photos talk thn... =)
Went to the Motor Expo with buddies, Mr Bernard Tung & Mr Wyneth Tay.
it was a sudden plan after our bskball tat morning.
i love spontaneous plan~ haha XDOMG !! found this pinky seat. gosh~ someone gonna like this very much =pThey were illustrating car model using comp. cool huh~The legendary Bumble Bee stood infront of us? like its glowing eyes...The real car, Chevrolet Bumble Bee ??!Heart this ! An awesome Single side car. haha. It IS a car !Oh ya, we met our primary school fren, Jing Yuen =)

Great day outing wif u guys. Tay, ur driving was awesome if add on our "man-made" turbo sound. LOL~

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