Friday, October 29, 2010

kl, wait for me~

was quite busy last few weeks...
rushing for assignments, mini projects, activities n so on...
its been a month+ i dint go bek to kl... miss my sweet home
So, wat hav i been doing nowadays? let the pictures do the talking thn...
lab work mini project: construct a Light Seeking Robot.
haha... did it in a simple way...
get into robot competition in between coursemates.
our robots were out into a dark box, n compete to see whose robot get out from the box fastest.
won in the 1st round, cuz the opponents' robot not moving at all. lol
but thn we got no time to continue the following rounds, because running out of time.
i call tis "Little Buggy" =ptriggering the LDR to let the robot moves moves moves~

another fun event: 超级V厨神烹饪比赛 !
held by 马六甲慈济会所...
its a vege food cooking competition...有点难度hor~
we were divided into 5persons per group.
did our preparation 1month before. thn went to Tesco 2gether on the day of competition to buy some ingredients. One and a half hour Supermarket shopping time !! XD
助手:顺祥,伟杰,明辉金瓜炒饭,又名:金金有味 !To 才 To 益 (Potato Salad)荣获:超级“V”食神皇族 ^^its fun to be in a group wif u guys ! Miss that period much !

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