Friday, December 3, 2010

back to work

yes. 争取时间。
Its been a week+ i m bek to home from Malacca. Home sweet home.
yet, i still dun hav much time to really update my blog. ha~ non-stop yum cha session, parties, houseworks. ngek~
n my wallet is getting thinner n thinner now. OMFG ! its time to refill it.

so here m i back to DTSD working as a telemarketer.
felt relief when Christine(our boss assistant) msg me at the time when i was panic-ing searching for job. aha~ good timing XD
glad they r willing to hire me this 1month full time worker. woohoo~ can meet up with those lovely colleagues. unfortunately, ah cat n karen mama were not here anymore =( miss them.

its just a short mid term break for me. gonna back to Malacca on 1st or 2nd of January next year. wow~ no time to hang out since i will be working til 31st December, which is a Friday (too bad~), thn back to Malacca the next day X(

had been through many thgs. yet, wat most important for me now is to STUDY hard. yeap, focus more on my study 1st.

btw, my 1st sem final result is out ! not satisfy. got 4A 1B+ & 1C+. DAMN ! wats wrong going on wif tat C+ there? quite sad for tat... partially its from the lousy s*ck lecturer ! He really DOESNT KNOW how to teach. not only me 1person, but making our whole class 100+students hate him. lol. maybe the only international student in my class likes him ba, cuz he get 51 carry marks from the lecturer, while we all only get 20+ only. (the total is 50 marks, i wonder how he can get tat == )
but mainly its my own fault too. fail to master tat subject earlier.

A quote from my senior:
Its not that u cant understand tat subject, its u haven feel like to accept tat subject.
Agree wif no doubt! i was well prepared b4 going into the exam hall, but thn? panic while doing the paper. OMG~ i WONT repeat this mistake next time. A promise to myself!
3.52 CGPA. hmm...cant reach my target. score better on the next sem ba.

blogging in the office. teehee~ cant upload photos. will get back to this when i back home.
boring while working? nah~ i can still blogging, fb-ing here... shh~~ dun tell my boss XD

oh ya, anyone searching for job next year? interested to work as a telemarketer to take over my place next year. drop ur comments ya. X)

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