Friday, December 31, 2010

Gary the Loh birthday

Its Lo lo lo lo Loh Wai Kean birthday~ hohoho...
a fren of mine since standard 1. yeah~nice to noe u...
i still rmb the time when u invite me(only) to u birthday party during the age of 7, n we played Power Ranger Robot while eating KFC. LMAO~
hope u had a great day~
everything begins here !
this photo was capture during Bernard's birthday. hoho. He love to play with the ball so much...

a yoga ball ?!hehe, so this was his birthday present for this year. ngek~
we noe u will loveeeeee this much XD
just do watever u like on tat ball. we no eye see. hoho...
again~ i wont forget ur face while eating Chicken drumsticks during primary school time XD
wai kean, can u change bek to tat cute look? ahaha~

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