Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today is the day~

tis will be my last blogging in DTSD office... ya, i m leaving this working environment... how sad...

thanks alot from all my colleagues who hav taught me alot !!

i hav learned how to use a fax machine(serioulsy i dunno how to use it lmao), use outlook express lol, change aquariun water(lol another simple thg tat i nvr done it b4), improve my english speaking skill(as a telemarketer, v HAVE TO lol), n doing some crazy stuff such as fighting wif those goldfish n carp, LMAO ! n learnt some new vocabularies(stupid me): embroidery, lanyard... (my english sucks i noe)

thank you so much to Ah Sim, Shawn, Ramash (my great leader, although i alwaz cant call much customers for u, pai seh la), Christine(大家姐), Chloe, Jean, CK, Karen, Jason, Jenny, Catherine, Melody, Sarah, Jeff, Kavent, Desmond, Suhaimi.

i will miss u all... u guys rock !! XD alwaz blow water n crapping around when free, but throwing urself into seriousness when work... XD

tis shud b the best working environment!! (fb and msn alwaz =p)
thank you so much !! thanks thanks thanks !! sure i miss u all alot...but not tat stupid slow hang lag pc... haha XD ah sim, change those old pc la, for a better future!?? LoL~last day...
the biscuit tat was put on my table... i finish almost half of it... keke...
A Telephone is the soul of a telemarketer... lol~
wat i alwaz do? shhhhhhh~
Shawn... thx for the last meal... ^^
沙梨酸梅... 正!
cant figure out wats tat? nvm... btw, i was in teamB
sweets alwaz there waiting to cure my melancholy... lol~ just jk
My team leader, Ramash Maniam... he was a great indian who can speak chinese, cantonese, malay, english, even abit hokkien... 劲!
me, chloe, boon... v alwaz chat whenever v free...abt foods, movies n all kinds... haha...
surrounded by tons of clothes n shirts... haha XD
yup, our company r manufacturer of corporate t-shirts, uniforms and premium items. so may i speak to ur purchasing department n may i noe who is the person incharge of tis? (ops, 职业病 =p)
just for fun X)
karen mama... ^^
traffic officers... "hey u stop there !!" haha... v r just playing around on the last day...
at last... show u a very damn serious working photo of mine...
oh no, the screen is still fb~ XDDD n i m NOT left-handed !

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