Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool? nah~

Happy Birthday to Mr........(drum sounds)...... Aaron Tan Khei Jern !!
bithday on april fool? nope, his birthday is on 2nd of april...but v r celebrating early for him !!
seriously, now only i noe the exact date of ur birthday, after being 13year of friendship !!
sry la... so paiseh >_<
but u cant blame me, blame urself ba for alwaz being so mysterious abt ur birthday since standard one !! dai lou, all ur fault la... XDD haha...
well, he IS a Joker since the 1st day i noe him... LMAO... he alwaz bring happiness to everyone around... lol~
Aaron, u r "GREAT" !!

hmm, smart smart~yea yea, cut ur cake
from left: Wyneth Tay, Aaron Tan, me, Gary Loh and Bernard Tung(down)
extra photo of me n aaron when v r age12... =p

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