Friday, November 16, 2012

Trip to KK, Sabah

Finally...... finally...... FINALLY......
and hey~ I am back !! XD sorry for keeping ma blog in dead mode for such a long time . Had been into some busy-soby nobody business lately , and now finally i got time to blog something during this mid-sem break . ah ha~
There are god damn alot of stuff needo share out here , but i will just post 1 of it for now , lets save the others for ma next post . =p

So i went to Sabah last few weeks ago for ma sista Graduation Ceremony at UMS , which is located at Kota Kinabalu , Sabah . Get to be in their Hall n i m surprised with the nice design of it , even greater than ma UTeM Dewan Besar i would say . Well done UMS . lol~
They call it " Dewan Canselor ".

Pretty awesome right ? haha...

~Congratulation sista~

Showing an annoying face when ma sis trying to
capture ma photo while imma eating ma dao-sa pau.
Not to forget , we went around KK to search for delicious food . Yum Yum...... Guess what we ate the most?
Definitely SEAFOOD !!
Muahahaha~~~~ Ma top favorite food ever !!  And the prices were so so cheap as compare with the price at Semenanjung here . SERIOUSLY !
more n more Crabs pls.... ehehehe~

Went to Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang . Unfortunately , the fog after the rain had blocked our view by the time we reached there after an hour+ journey from KK . But never mind , who cares?! Camwhore session is still ON ! LOL~ XD
Camwhore XD
Nice to see from far, but bad to smell at a closer distance.
Say cheese ~~
It was just a short 3D2N trip .
So long Sabah~~
Hope to get bek to you soon ! XD

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