Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This time......YouTube

definitely a way for mei to get rid of boredom and emo feeling . Ah~ha~
Have been keep watching YouTube videos lately and imma totally getting addicted to it ... seriously !!
Hereby sharing a few videos that i am keeping track on them .

Music is the soul of life . Any objections ?  XD
Maybe not yours, but it is for mei .

Music Never Sleeps ! (quote from JasonChen) Peace Yeah !!

And so the 1st video imma gonna suggest to u all will be from Jason Chen .
He is 1 of ma favorite YouTubers . Okay, not familiar wif him? Check out his bio here if u want .

Sharing 1 of his latest video .

" 愛你 " - Kimberley Chen (Jason Chen Cover)

An awesome singer , and i like his voice so so much . No doubt , he is surely a better singer than most of the artist singers out there . Search for more of his videos to find out more . There are a whole lotsa nice songs sang by him . 听就对料,没介绍错滴。Tsk tsk ~~

Another singer YouTuber that i discovered lately : Terry He .

What first attracted me was that he is singing 1 of ma favorite songs : BLUE by BigBang , but its in English version . Giving mei a different feel for Blue . Well done there you go i would say ! I seek my blue on you~
Btw, before this i was totally don't understand the meaning of the lyric for this korean song, and imma lazy to google it until i was exposed to this video . L-O-L . For me , as long as the melody of the songs match ma “ Like Frequency " , then who cares so much ? Just keep listening and sang it out loud like nobody business . Ehehe~ tats the way i am .

Here is another awesome YouTubers : JinnyboyTV
Some of the famous videos from them like ONLY IN MALAYSIA , Ah Wing - Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman , TODAY'S GENERASI? , ABUDEN are all way damn cool man . Love the story lines + funny scenes of each of the videos .
Check out their latest video here : 101 Excuses .
Cant stop laughing while watching this XDD

Besides from music , i do follow some of the VLOG in YouTube .
One of ma favorite vloggers will be him  ----> Joseph Germani
I believe some of u might have watched his video before . Yeah , he is quite famous i would say . I love all his creative ideas that pop out from his head for his videos , and all of them are so so funny at which they could pull me out from any emotional situation . Seriously , i watched his video whenever imma down , and i will get ma mood bek after that . Haha . His videos are not only antic , but full of creativity too .

One of the funniest video of him : “ 你肥咗呃 ~  ”
A sentence i kept telling to ma sis whenever i met her , and she will get mad on me everytime .
Haha... maybe i was just hoping one day someone would sat that to mei too .

Argh~~ 永远的目标 :增重 !

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