Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey guys~ so i m bek to ma little bloggie here... was in a busy period struggling wif ma final exams... now i m currently having ma short sem at Malacca... and its a boring sem ever !! Guess wat? imma going to find more activities thn XD

Went to primary school gathering n get to meet up wif a few frens that have been lost contact for a long time... Glad that we still manage to keep in touch wif each other even after 10 whole years since we graduated. Although there r still some being left out, but i guess we will sure get to meet up one day. Felt happy n proud cuz our form teacher still recognize us n manage to call out our name . 尤老师,u r one of the teacher that i love the most.

Saturday night, went to LCCT to farewell a fren of mine since standard 1... god damn it, Bernard n i were actually late due to some circumtances n we were rushing max to the airport... Gan Jeong~~ at last we manage to meet up wif him for just 5minutes before he was off into the departure platform... been rushing to airport for like 40minutes to see him for just 5minutes? tats wat we call deep friendship =)
Wai Kean, have a safe journey and all the best for ur studies at Melbourne there !!

Dint get to take a photo on tat day, so imma posting a last year photo of us here XD
We call ourselves : ABCD (Aaron, Billy, fai Chun, Dog??!)

Its going to be a boring sem wif lotsa free time...
Aha~ i will try to update ma bloggie here as frequent as possible...

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