Friday, April 23, 2010

green green green part time job!!! XD

Went for a part time job for The Sun Newspaper Cover Ads...

alright... i was asked to go to Absolute Art Studio, which is located in Fraser Business Park, somewhere around Chan Sow Lin lrt do some make up n painting on face... lol~
well, reach tat park around 9.30am n search for the studio... it was suppose to b at Jln Metro Pudu 2, but i keep on searching at Jln Metro Pudu 1... DAMN ! malaysia road sign sucks... tat road sign was pasted wif alot pieces of advertisement stickers... WTF?! non of u guys responsible for it? macam ni simply conteng itu road sign memberikan masalah kepada i untuk cari tat place... =_="

found tat studio at 10.10am somethg like tat... thanks god... n the moment i stepped into the studio, WOW !! quite a number of pretty guys n gals were inside... okay, b calm tan ming hui... after got instructions, i was just standing there like the others, waiting to do some make up n painting on face... =D
they said tat they r going to do advertisement photoshooting...n v had to ACT as football fans... XD
alright, 2 groups formed which is the Green group n Red group... i was in green group since i was wearing green collar shirts... lol~ my favorite color ^^

a male hair styler n a female makeup artist were there ready for us... haha... feeling kinda weird cuz tis was my 1st time letting ppl style my hair n help me do make up... X)
okay, at 1st my look was like this... but after the producer(i think so) came n see... he said tats not enuf, add more paint on their face... @_@
oh no, these little paint is tightening my face ady, add some more on it?
我不要~~~ T_T (不由得你说不)
n at last it became this:

god damn it... ichy betul my face... X)
i kinda like the head band n my hair =)
this is how the studio looks like, everyone is gonna add more paint on their face...
*Wahahaha XD

(whos laughing? definitely not me =p)

after gao dim all those make up thgs, v head to the Velodrom, a bicycle riding stadium, n its like there had been a few centuries no ppl pay a visit there...the chairs there were all damn dirty X(

received instructions, arranged the position,
3 2 1 GO !!

wooo~~ sry er, v r still not in ready mood yet =p
ROAR !! Cheer for your team !! SHOUT !! HOORAY !! XD
oki, kinda fun actually... ^^ but v r just facing the camera acting only... haha
v shout, v cheer, v shake flag, v throw banana skin n cabbage??! lol~

oh my goodness... i sweat til the make up is melting... MALAYSIA is HOT !! (废话~)

finish the photo shooting session at around 2.10pm...
while i was cleaning my face in the toilet, boon told me they r distributing the wages now !!
alamak, i cuci sampai tengah-tengah saja... aiya, dun k la... go out take money 1st... XD
n i left my face half way washed: half face still got paint, n half face got light green stain on it after being washed not so clearly... i dun hav make up removal wif me !! L-O-L ~
half way giving out the wages, the PIC ask us to get out of the stadium cuz the our booking time had end...
APA?! i haven finish wash my face leh...
n so...........i go bek taking cab n LRT wif my half half green face... T_T

grrr.........ROAR ~!!

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