Monday, December 17, 2012

Specky ~~

I believe everyone have their own lovely items and collection . So do i ...
For mei , imma in love wif Spectacles .  XD
Specs are not only a tool to solve ma short-sighted problem , but consider as an accessory for mei too . With no reason , the framing little thingy just grab ma attention wherever i went . I will just stop by any specs shops whenever passing by them . Haha ~ Reasons why am I so in love with it ? Not really sure actually . LOL !! Perhaps this little framing thing can covers part of ma dark pouches . =p

Saw an awesome spec at Daiso , Aeon Jusco today . Gosh ~ why didn't i just grab it back home ?!
Going to get myself another hipster eyewear during ma next visit there .

Wait for mei ya ~~  ^^

Increasing ma collection ... hehe ~

Btw , ma frens said i looked pale today ... Oh god damn it ~ i shud have wore a spec out today to look better ? Hahaha ...

Any specs lovers here ? Raise your hand pls ...  XD

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