Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hey all~ i m bek to ma blog not to update any of my latest news, but to express my anger n bu shuang-ness XD
Sorry for the late update here but still i m not going to blog about my life lately... nah~save it for the next post. LOL !!

1st thg imma going to complain about is regarding my truly lovely adorable roommate + coursemate + future housemate.

He has no idea wat to eat n alwaz just follow wat i order, not just a few times, but EVERYTIME !! Rmb there was a time when i order a kuey teow goreng basah, which is a food that he dislike. But at the end, when the hawker ask wat he wanna eat, he will stun there for awhile n just answer :"sama dengan dia(me)". Later on blaming me bek y i choose tat food. Da fuq?! Izit my problem?! i hav told u a hundred million times to order ur own food n not to follow me, but now u r blaming me bek?! WalaoA~
And everytime when he wanna order a food, he will look at me n ask me again wat i m going to eat. ARGH~~ cant u hav ur own idea? Not to say u cant follow me, but pls dun blame me bek for wat i hav ordered !

罪状2: 对课业漠不关心
This was just happened a few hours ago. Imma rushing for a group assignment using a software program that lecturer dint reli teach much on it (so it can be consider as a difficult assignment). So as one of the group members, even though u dunno how to do(so do i), but cant u just at least care about it by trying to do it together? N not just sit there all the day playing computer games, online, sleeping n thn ask for a copy from me? Seeing me n another group members struggling hard for tat assignment, yet u still can relax n go n take ur nap infront of us. Damn !!
And i was like being his NANNY since the 1st sem til now. Keep reminding him to do this hw, do tat assignment, next week got test rmb to study, tmr need to pass up tutorial rmb to finish it... blablabla...... Seriously, I am tired. U r not a kindergarten or primary skul kids anymore, y u still wan me to remind u everything all the time?!

罪状3: 邋遢,乱
His table will never b orderly arranged. And his things will scatter all around the room. Tats still harmless, the main problem is those leftover of his food, he can leave it there in the room til thousand millions of ants came visit our room. OMFG !! Wont u feel uncomfortable living in such a messy dirty condition some more neighbouring wif tat much of insects? This is too over n i will alwaz hav to keep an eyes on his rubbish on the table, n remind him to throw them away IMMEDIATELY !!

偶的天哪~ 你口以改变一下吗?至少不要酱乱水口以吗?偶们的黄间已经不算大了,你的东低还这样乱放乱丢,偶会很烦恼呃…… 偶不想做你的保姆做足肆年叻~

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