Monday, July 12, 2010

Engine Started !!

had an tiring but fun orientation week here at UTeM. Argh!! finally get to access to internet 2day in pusat komputer. msn is missing here, lol!
due to my noob handphone, photos r very limited currently, so they will b uploaded soon~
there is alot of thgs to speak out now !! but, i m feeling lazy to write it all out. so i put it in point form =p :

Orientation Week:
2nd day
-i register late on today cuz my grandma just pass away few days ago. RIP
-get into my temporary hostel
-consider ok ok only the hostel
-went Dewan Besar to listen some talks
-sleepy during ceramah == zzZ

3rd day
-wake up at 6.00am
-ceramah again
-sleepy during ceramah == zzZ
-bek to hostel at 12.30am+
-added a malay roommate

4th day
-wake up at 6.00am (again)
-pendafaran mata pelajaran day in pusat komputer
-talks n ceramah
-sleepy during ceramah (again) == zzZ
-bek hostel at 12.30am+ (again)
-tat malay roommate damn lazy to bath, my room stink like hell~ X(

5th day
-senamrobik at Uni stadium. Wow! fun!
-register maklumat pelajar in pusat komputer
-at nite, majlis penutupan Minggu Haluan Siswa
-gonna wear batik provided by the uni
-batik green in color, cheap quality (nearly can tear off easily)
-leg pain cuz of wearing office shoes for a few days
-watched persembahan at dewan during majlis penutupan
-their band is soooooooooo pro~ admire @@
-bek hostel at 1am+
-not sleepy tis time becuz of those persembahan =p
-roommate din bath at nite again, STINK !!

-shift hostel from block B to Block A ==
-5bags n 3pails plus accessories~ ==
-get to live 2gether wif 3chinese ! Glad !! XD
-bye bye stinky X-roommate~
-do some house n room cleaning
-took bus bek to kl after lunch
-went low yat bought my laptop ^^ woohoo~

-breakfast time wif likuen
-came bek melaka by my dad's colleague's car in the evening
-went out dinner wif roommates (all 6 of us CHINESE) !! lmao
-found a street of food court which had alot of chinese food ! GOOD (Y)

Monday (today)
-start my 1st day class
-lecturer english sucks ==
-here i m sitting in front of a computer in pusat komputer

so these r my whole week activities...stupid betul~
well, having another class later at 2pm, gotta go~ ciaoz
(hope to upload some photos to show to u all next time XD)

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