Tuesday, July 20, 2010

another tiring uni day~

i have been to UTeM for abt 2weeks time. hmm..... life is still consider ok here~ =) glad
if u ask me wats the most happiest moment here? i'll say tat when its my Bathing time !! XD
yea, its hot here, n i guess every side of Malysia is HOT !! luckily the flow of my water shower in hostel is quite BIG !! haha... everytime i enfoy the bathing period =p
having a ful day lessons today... just taking my short time break now to do my blogging in pusat computer. lmao

oh ya! Wifi has been just set up at my hostel. Guess wat? the signal is strong n sometimes even reach full bar(5 bars), but the speed is like..... == cant even log in my msn n fb..... DAMN IT !!

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  1. sometimes, my hostel's wifi can only go FB.. cant even go google.. swt..