Monday, May 17, 2010

making cake

1st time of my life, making a cheese cake for my buddy...
wow, macam yes saja~
thinking of some special way to celebrate His b'day, thn i came out wif an idea to make a cake for Him tis year... hope He will like it !
who is Him? He? *drum beat pls
Tung Tung Tung TUNG ~~!!
Happy Birthday to Mr Bernard Tung Fai Chun !
haha, noe him since primary school~ friendship forever !!
we 5 buddies... words cant describe, so just go cc n dotA... lol~went ajimal mamak for a short yum cha session in the late night~ wow! we din go cc tis time, seriously!!alright, just shout 2gether: Happy Birthday Bernard Tung !!

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