Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve...

hmm...wat a special christmas eve tis year... v r told tat The Mines got count down nite, n after v went there, there os no events held there... n v r like purposely went there just to eat A&W ??! lol
later thn v change our location to kuchai station 1... ^^ yeah! tat place is more like a count down nite... v hav funs there n just order 2 small little bottle of beer for 5ppls?? haha... v stil have to drive bek later, drink abit enuf la... as long as v enjoy the crowed n happy situation there XD

me n ken boon...A&W... kena cheated to there too... lolYeah !! nothg around there... ==Yummmmm Sheng !! ^^ Merry Christmas to all ! XD

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