Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i need a break

Again... i abandoned my blog for quite some time... haha ! Its time to blog something here~
UTeM Spring Festival had finally came to an End ! (Y) bek to my study life... Complicated huh? haha~ this was the lab works i m doing almost every week. Head Burst !! @_@ a bunch of assignments n projects keep coming in !! since the final exam is just around the corner...
time aint enuf la wei~ cham X(
lets talk abt the spring fest cultural night. since most of my works were done on the carnival day previously, i was assigned to distribute goodies bag to the audience on cultural night. lol~ wat a job there~ me in a formal "form" i noe the coat is kinda big for me~ haha... bo bian, borrowed from a senior. get the chance to take photo wif the 变脸master~
his performance was awesome !!
biro pameran =)we were all playing around wif the props =pwif my roommate, Kentone day~
an outing of our biro pameran after the spring festival event. went for sing k session n oso a dinner at Sibaraku Japanese Buffet Restaurant. 几不错一下~oh yes ! finally i got the chance to eat Malacca most famous food: Satay Celup !! wat can i say abt it? YUMMY !! XD 80cent per stick, still consider affordable...not bad well, there is a tradition in tat restaurant: if u eat reaches the highest amount, thn u dun need to pay for ur food. sounds great huh? the Male record is 201 sticks, Female 84 sticks. LOL~ maybe someday i might go hav a try? nah~ MAYBE... haha A birthday celebration for my coursemate. Mr Kanthaan, my class monitor. lol~ anyway~ wish u all the best in the future ya! stay happy alwaz...my "partially" Mechatronic coursemates =)

So, here comes another birthday celebration for my roommate, Kent =) so our plan suppose to be like this:
after he went to bed,
close the main electric switch of our house,
thn wake him up wif several alarm clocks til he wake up n come out from the room
(since the whole house had went into total darkness + hot )
so we were hiding in the room beside~ waiting for him to come out. lol
saw the cake there? haha
but at the end... Mission FAILED !! haha~ he knew we were up to somethg on tat night, n he was pretending to be sleeping there... lol~ wat to do? we were forced to break into the room to wake him up ! (*the burning candles r getting shorter n shorter)n so... Happy Birthday to u Kent !! although our surprise plan failed, but hope u will like it~ hehe~posing around wif the gift we present Kent... ha~
so wats next? guess i hav to switched on my "study mode" button now.... Final Exam is approaching !! bek to my busy busy study life~ will blog again soon...if free... haha

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