Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What the hell am I doing for the past few weeks ?!

Sry for the late post of CNY. haha. i was reli quite busy wif uni stuff. 几乎忙到喘不过气来了~

Alright, where shud i start from?

CNY 2011. well... our family didnt celebrate chinese new year this year since my grandma just pass away last year. RIP
Just went to The Curve, Ikea to walk around on the 1st day of CNY. Nice deco they hav there =DLoves my family =Dgroup photo wif cousins after 15years~ time flies...wat we did on CNY? computer? lol我们都是外婆的爱孙 =)

I'm joining Photography Club for cocuriculum this sem =)
Get the chance to use DSLR ! woohoo~ like it so much !!
Our first outing for photoshoot. went to Taman Seribu Bunga (macam ada seribu jenis bunga, MACAM saja, lol), & Taman Botanikal.
Some of the example photos i captured tat day. pai seh i m still a noob~

Next event will be our uni Spring Festival Carnival !
OMG! tat was just a busy busy busy busy BUSY week for me. nearly sleep for only 3-4hours per day, in order to prepare for the pameran on tat day. We went into the hall to set up our thgs 1 day earlier. tat was just not enuf time for our preparation! 顶硬上!

A million thanks to many of them who did help us biro pameran up !
Thanks to biro perancangan members who helped us up to make the ang pau tang lung.
Thanks to Jia Wei, n frens for helping us to set up the white cloth to the wall.
Thanks Sean, June, Teck Wei, Wei Yee, Daphne & more for building up the bridge. Really appreciate ur help although u all r not biro pameran members.
Thanks to the two girls (sry i forgot ur names) for helping us to cut the paper for our wishing trees.
Thanks Johnson for all the time accompanying us there to help up.
Thanks Jia Jian, Tino & others for staying there whole mid-night wif us.
And thanks to all biro pameran members for giving ur hardworks n sacrificing ur time for the day !
Thank you Pui Ling, Wen Yee, Sook Kuan, Chui Yee, Fen Ying, Geok Pheng, Lee Weng, Chin Yong, Zhi Yuan, Wei Sheng, Alex & Choon Pin.

And lastly, Thanks to my ketua, Yee Teng ! You really did a Great job ! pls do rest more n take k urself !
Sorry if i left out anyone. cuz i cant rmb all of the ppl.
Really appreciate the help from u all alot !!!
Thanks you so much ! without the help from u all, our pameran cant be done !~Billy in the Carnival~A nice tanduk made by Sook Kuan, Daphne & Wei Yee (if i din left out anyone =p)Good job Lee Weng =DHot hot fire~初九 拜天公 by Yee Teng =)Thanks for all the hard works ^^
Biro Pameran ROAR~!!i will bek to my normal life soon...
Gosh~ i need more rest!!
冬眠状态 启动 !!

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