Saturday, June 12, 2010

sport car clubs gathering??

Having a spontaneous outing wif Bernard Tung & his "wife" - Celica, at Damansara Station 1 Cafe. It was some sport car clubs gathering. Awesome !hey~ hey berd~ hey hey~Toyota Celicawith turbo ! WOW !! greeny Myvi ! cool track car !!
nice stickers~i was attracted by tat siren ! lol. i wonder wat will happen if i turn it on while on the road. GTA? XDsome modified Kenari~~ ==Transformer City !the back wings~glowing in the eveningDamn yeng ! black n white = Cool OMG ! u hav to see tis ! a blinking n shining car insidetis is a Disco Car i m Sure ! =pred & Hot** snap snap **wat happen when 2guys r sitting in Station 1 Cafe with 1laptop?
2player Flash games thn~ haha
alright, wat i saw mostly were modified Kenari & Myvi. Was expecting some pro car like Skyline or Lamborghini. lol~ Xp
some cars were reli 不能看的 @_@(except tat greeny Myvi ^^)
at night they do did some burning FLAME from the exhaust pipe. Damn! i miss tat X( was inside Station 1 using comp tat time. LOL. Anyway, its was quite a fun outing. Thanks Bernard for bringing me there.
Okay Bernard, i had feel the speed of ur Turbo Celica til 190km/h. Wait ur turbo can fully used tat time, i wanna experience 220km/h pls. hehe

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  1. without turbo i can do 240. so be prepared to experience beyond 240