Monday, January 18, 2010

Tiring day...

Wat the heck !! v r told to call til around 2960 companies to double confirm their address n person in charge within 1day... HOW COULD IT BE??!
if divide equally, tats mean v will have to call 2.0555555555555555555 companies in ONE minute non-stop... crazy la~ who can do tat? none loh !!
talk damn damn damn alot 2day, n i only manage to call up to 200 companies...
hehe... slow n steady, even the boss oso cant do it la... lol
n after sometimes, i finally get use to it n start to get watever info i wan 1st, thn jao "bye bye lu~" haha XD dun bother so much la... so hardworking for wat? no commission oso... LOL

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